Endurance sports performance has been a large part of my life. I began my athletic career at the University of Washington where I was a 2nd Team All-American middle distance runner for the Huskies. During my time at the UW I was involved with the Computatial, Robotics and Experimental Biomechanics (CoRE) research group. I used my training knowledge as a runner to assist in clinical research to study how the magnitude of ground reaction forces can help predict running injuries.    

I obtained my clinical Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from San Diego State University in 2017. At SDSU, I continued my clinical running research, studying how external training factors can predict running injuries.   

The extrinsic and intrinsic demands of the modern multisport endurance athlete are rigorous.  It is my philosophy that linear multisport athletes and runners especially, must be individually trained in loaded lateral and rotational movements to be able to handle the rigors of training and competition and be resilient to injury.

I am able to use my clinical knowledge as a physical therapist and a active runner/triathlete to enhance the performance of my clients and help them compete at their highest level.