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We offer an integrative approach to physical therapy, utilizing evident based practice throughout multiple treatment styles in order to progress you to your full potential. The focus is on your goals to ensure you are progressing towards the athlete that you want to be.

Initial Evaluation- 75 minute session

Rehabilitation Session - 45 minute session

Through the use of an individualized movement assessment, all sport specific bodywork is tailored towards the needs of each individual. Multiple techniques such as cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), and pin-stretch, are all integrated to ensure maximum outcomes in performance and movement quality. 

First time Client - 60 minute session

Returning Clients - 60 minute session

Cupping - 20 minute session

This detailed running analysis looks at your entire body from multiple different directions to help you understand your unique movement patterns in relation to your unique structure, mobility, and strength. Analysis will identify areas under increased load which might be at risk for injury, areas you need to strengthen, and where you can improve your efficiency if you’re looking to get faster.

This thorough approach specializes in fitting bikes to people’s orthopedic needs, not just "by the book".  It involves a full physical therapy evaluation and special attention to both the bike fit progression and adaptation by your body. This means changes may be made to your components or setup as well as recommending exercises that can help you improve performance, overcome injury, or just feel better on the bike.

Initial Evaluation - 90 minutes

Follow Up Consultation - 45 minutes

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